Let’s talk about the identity of our company, but firstly, let’s put it in context.

Note the map, in northwest Spain, on the edge of Portugal, north of Braga, in the margin by the Atlantic Ocean, a city of 292,986 inhabitants; Vigo, located in the mouth of the estuary, facing the Cies Islands. It belongs to the Autonomous Community of Galicia, in the province of Pontevedra.

This is where in 2010 we decided to set up our company, specialized in urban rehabilitation and real estate development.

Inamovible Inversion invests in continuous education and engages in partnerships with various trades, adding the versatility and the most modern construction methods, equipment and new techniques. The expected results?
A triptych: quality control, durations ans costs.

An in-depth analysis of the latest market trends, combined with a solid perception of the prospecting strategy, leads to unique real estate proposals, placed in exceptional areas, and meeting the highest finishing requirements.

It is precisely this commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers that commits us to generate tailor-made solutions. We support them in their decision making so that the choice of their investments guarantees the future valuation of their assets.

We, Inamovible Inversion intend to occupy a major place in the requalification of urban heritage. For this reason, we strive to satisfy our buyers, it is our best business card.